If you have never been to the South Coast, you’re in for a real treat - but don’t leave your booking to the last minute. Berry is an incredibly popular and busy little country town with limited accommodation during the Summer season. For additional information and local tips click here

There are 7 rooms available at Jaspers for the night of the wedding only. Please contact us directly if you are interested in booking. Rooms are priced at $330 and include a gourmet breakfast.



Call your babysitters and shine your dancing shoes! As much as we love your little ones,  we've opted for an adults only soirée.  If you would like to arrange an on site Nanny to mind your little ones, we would recommend the lovely team at The South Coast Nannies.  For more details and pricing, you can visit their website here.



If you’re wondering about gifts, there’s two things we’d like most; to have you with us to celebrate our special day, and a holiday (when we’re able). We will be thrilled and so grateful to receive a contribution towards our honeymoon to Tasmania. There will be a wishing well available at the reception.